Bryan Le, widely known by his stage name RiceGum, is a YouTube sensation.


RiceGum first created his channel in October 2012. He initially joined as a gamer, posting Call of Duty gameplays and vlogs. At this point, his channel was growing very slowly. This all changed, when in December of 2015, he uploaded a video that would change his life forever. This video was called 'These Kids Must Be Stopped'. From there, his channel blew up, and he got many comments asking him to do more videos on the same topic. However, not all the feedback he was getting was positive. The video featured some of today's most popular kids, such as Loren Gray and Jacob Sartorius. Once they heard about the video, they were quick to make harsh comments.

Bryan responded to these comments and so-called roasts by, one by one, releasing diss tracks for each individual person who tried to respond to his video

Now, RiceGum makes a mix of roast videos, diss tracks, reactions, and original skits. He also has a second channel, RiceGumExtra, where he will post vlogs, and behind-the-scenes footage.


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